Top Lamborghini Huracan 4k With 20 Pictures

The Lamborghini or a cut and there’s.Sort of these cinematically beautiful.Clips of it flying across their runway.Being chased by a helicopter and it.Looks amazing, but they didn’t show you.All of the cool quirks and unusual.Features of the work on that you.I wouldn’t know unless you’ve spent some.Time with one, so today I have flown to.Atlanta, Georgia, to borrow this Oricon.From a viewer to do just that, I’m going.To show you all of its weird features.And cool quirks, and then I’m going to.Drive it because that’s what I do.One of the most unusual quirks about the.Oricon is something you don’t notice.Right away, but over time you start to.Realize that everything about this car.It has six sides. You might think I’m.Exaggerating, but I am not everything on.

This car is six-sided is hexagonal let.I show you on the wheels one two three.Four five six the door handle one-two.Three-four five-six there’s six sides on.The power mirror changer there are six.Sides on the door handle the ac vents.You guessed it six sides the sport.Button yep it’s a hexagon, the red thing.Around the start/stop button that would.Be six sides and the silver thing around.The red thing around the start/stop.Button also has six sides there are little.Hexagons on the passenger side of the.Dashboard and the rear grille is filled.With all of these little tiny hexagons.So is the front grille even the airbag.Cover is a hexagon even the hole in the.Door for this extra door latch is a.Hexagon that there is the hole with the.Rearview camera in it a hexagon now the.Fuel door itself is circular but this.Little thing you push a hexagon let’s.Talk about shifting it into reverse so.You’re not just shift into reverse this.Is a Lamborghini putting it into reverse.Has to be a cool experience and indeed.It is it’s not just a button it’s.Actually a lever you pulled back like.You’re in a fighter jet trying to get.More altitude at speed one of my.Favorite little quirks about the car is.How you start it of course there’s a.Start button now in the Aventador you.

Have a little cover over the start.Button you flip it up and then start it.Like a fighter jet but people must-have.Gotten tired of having to flip up that.Cover before they could start their.Lamborghini so in the Oricon the cover.Is a shape you don’t have to flip it up.You can just press the start button.Through the cover or if you want you can.Still flip it up either way, whatever’s.More comfortable for you also not normal.The turn signal and windshield wiper.Controls there are no stalks protruding.From the steering column in this car so.Don’t bang your knees and so they don’t.Get in the way of the paddles instead.The turn signals the lights and the.Wipers are all on the steering wheel so.When you’re driving down the road you.Can put on your turn signal you can wash.Your window without ever having to even.Lift your hands from the steering wheel.Which will come in handy if you’re a.Serious driver on the racetrack and you.Don’t want to lose focus speaking of the.Turn signals turning them on and off is.A little strange you go left and right.For the left and right signal but then.You push the button forward to cancel.Them but look how good they look when.They’re also found on the steering.Wheel is a sport button and a switch.That toggles between a few other items.In the gauge cluster including a.Chronometer the current time and my.Personal favorite maximum speed now also.On the steering wheel is the bright.Light flashing for the actual lights.

Themselves there’s a switch panel behind.The steering wheel with some very cool.Toggle switches those toggle switch is.Carried through to the center of the car.Where you’ll find the window switch the.Front axle lifter traction control.Parking sensors and the hazard lights.And there’s also a blank switch which.Has no apparent function in any oricon.Did I say the front axle lifter that’s.Right flip a switch and the oricon.Actually lifts itself up in order to.Clear any low obstacles it might.Encounter flip the switch the other way.And the oricon goes right back down.Speaking of those switches inside the.Car you’ll find a few things that are.Backwards and the power window switch is.One of them push it up the window goes.Down pull it toward you the window goes.Up and it’s not the only thing in the.Cabinet’s backwards have you ever seen a.Sun visor that pulls towards you no.Comment on the fact that it’s roughly.The same size as a television remote.Something else I’ve noticed this is one.Of the strangest shaped windows I’ve.Ever seen the car is like a wedge shape.But the window is like a deformed.Rectangle if only it could have been a.Hexagon here’s something else that’s.Interesting there’s no center.Touchscreen with a navigation system or.A lot of infotainment options instead.Everything is in the gauge cluster.Including the map we’re living in a.Brave new world far removed from the.Lamborghinis of old when you can.Navigate your car from an LCD gauge.Cluster that shows exactly where you’re.Located in the world and when I say.

Everything is in the gauge cluster I.Really mean everything obviously there’s.The map but also media radio settings.And my personal favorite thing go into.Car there’s a cool little picture of the.Oricon you can choose between various.Options try servicing and look there’s.Your VIN number something else cool this.Little center screen displays gauges and.So does this little part of the gauge.Cluster but did you notice something.That’s Italian writing press oh leo temp.Oh leo battery ax and perhaps my.Personal favorite in the gauge cluster.Instead of fuel benzine ah to make sure.That you never forget that you’re.Driving an Italian car in front pop the.Trunk and you’ll find one of the coolest.Hinges I’ve ever seen it sends the trunk.Up first then forward to ensure it just.Barely clears that front fender so now.You know all of the or cons corks and.Cool features which should come in handy.If you ever have the chance to steal one.For more of my thoughts on the Oricon.Squarks click the link below to check.Out my column on autotrader.Com slash.Oversteer you can also check out my.Column for some of my thoughts on the.Driving experience because well now it’s.Time to drive it.Oh.And shift so you can hear it that shifts.Are unbelievably fast I mean not.Surprisingly fastest is how these dual.Clutch cars are, but it’s just it’s just.Great to see that and they’re so quick.The second you can think it your change.It can do it probably faster actually. Ah, it’s almost amazing we’re going.Low-speed sir it’s almost amazing how.Much instantly quicker the steering is I.Mean that’s that’s some of the quickest.Steering that I think I’ve ever felt.Mine’s crazy.