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Top 17 Nice Pictures Tata Nexon Wallpaper

the reigning formula one world champion okay that’s a lie but the tata nexon eevee is the champion among electric cars in india finding some 19 000 owners throughout the country but it’s one . Thingto get to the top and . Anotherto stay there which is where the nexon evmax comes into the picture more range more performance more features and of course more money for all of this is it worth it yes it is and here’s why applause because it looks different it does okay maybe . Notbecause it is after all a variant of the tata next on ev not a . Brandnew model all together so you still have that curvy nexon design blue highlights all over halogen projector headlights led drls and those spiderman inspired tail lights as well so how do you tell the . Maxapart from the standard nexon ev well one you’ll spot that the wheels they’re still 16 inch alloys but the wheel design is different and at the back you spot the addition of rear wheel disc brakes and that’s not all that’s gone into improving the safety credentials esc traction control .

Hillhold hill descent . Controland tire pressure monitoring will all feature a standard kit with the nexon evmax another change on the outside but not one that you’re going to pick up that easily visibly is a change in ground clearance because playing with the same dimensions tata has now put in a 40.5 kilowatt hour battery pack as opposed . Toa 30.2 kilowatthour one of course it’s a bigger battery so they have to maximize the space that’s available so they’ve stretched it out a little bit towards the outside but of course the one place where . Theywon’t hit some kind of block is going south so the ground clearance has dropped by about 10 millimeters in comparison to the standard nexon ev. and if the nexon stance looks a bit .

Differentto you well you’ve got some eagle eyes but more on that later the good news is that while the battery pack has grown in size it . Isn’tchomping into the usable boot space which .

Stillstands at 350 liters that however isn’t entirely the . Caseinside remember the tall stunts well the max is actually 10 millimeters taller than the standard nexon ev to accommodate the bigger battery better the suspension setup has been revised and raised which does make ingress and egress slightly trickier and while the new battery has eaten into the ground clearance .

It’salso taking up more space in the floor pan itself the gap between the seat base and floor drops .