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Best Silvia S15 Wallpaper With 6 Pictures

i’m sitting in my daily driver bmw m3 competition and next to me is a nissan silvia s15 that’s been tuned and we’re gonna have a drag race may seem a little bit odd but actually it’s not and i’m . Goingto explain why you see this m3 competition it starts from around 75 000 pounds and the guy who owns that and has had it built up is probably in for that car for about 75 000 pounds 65 grand on the build and then 10 grand for the car although the cars are now worth more they’re .

Reallyappreciated in value those s15s anyway let me talk about the engine performance because once again quite similar this bmw has a three liter twin . Turbostraight six engine and it puts out 510 . Horsepowerand 650 newton. meters of torque drives the rear wheels only by an eightspeed automatic gearbox and i do have launch control also have planes taking off above me yes we are definitely on an active airstrip now this bmw it’s a bit heavy this thing it’s over 1700 kilos yeah it’s got a bit fatter as the years have passed by and it’s moved at the generations oh well now let me . Tellyou about that nissan it’s a lot lighter about 1200 kilos and it’s actually got more power . Eventhough it’s just got a . Fourcylinderengine it’s got a huge turbo on it though and the engine has been built it’s been bored out from the normal two liters it’s now 2.1 and it puts out get this 600 horsepower and 700 newton meters of torque .

Froma fourcylinder it’s nuts and we’ve got ax that nuts manual gearbox though driving the rear wheels . Sothe guy who owns it his name’s luke by the way in fact if you want to say thanks to luke for lending us his toon car please click on the pop out banner up there to go check his out also there’s a link in the description .

It’sgeo by luke he does reviews on that car another two cars that he gets in as part of his business so go . Checkhim out say thanks from you guys for lending us his car it’ll help us get other cars out on the okay what else do you need to know about this car oh yeah it’s got a gearbox from a 370z so it can cope with extra torque anything else sure i’ve got a flip paint i don’t know that’s irrelevant right let’s get on with the race before we do please make sure you to this and .

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Ata fair price car wow your one stop car buying comparison site okay before we start um let’s do the customary car wow sound check people you ready luke i’m gonna go first i’m gonna set the tone. or rev it all the way oh yeah bmw thank you very much for not making me enjoy a soft limiter there’s definitely not going . Tobe a soft limiter on luke’s car gone luke rev up your silvia okay so .

Inever thought i’d see the day when a four cylinder two liter sounds better than a three liter straight six but it’s happened sadly though of course you’ve obviously got tuned exhaust caps and all that kind of stuff on that car you’re right i do i’ve got it all how many turbos you got is it just one big dustbin turbo just one large turbo it’s very large you just see it massive anyway maybe i’ll have a load of lag and sugar to get off the line or he’ll have a big dump of torque and we’ll spin and struggle to get .

Offthe line either way he’s going to struggle to get off the line and um .

We’lljust wait for another .

Planeto go all right that’s another one now maybe we can do this race i’ve been a bit of a sport i’ve let luke go on . Thedryer part of the tracks it’s a bit damp today . Wecan’t choose the conditions unfortunately we live in england and so it’s .

Alwaysraining my radio’s making an eerie noise thank you that was really informative someone pressed .

Thebutton and didn’t bother speaking applause come on we’re both struggling oh managed to get away we got cold tires that was nuts for both of us luke had a really bad start and i think you did too i missed second gear oh my god yeah that’s not good talked blimey’s quick i can hear his . Carthough i’ve got great lodge where isn’t it stan here he is so luke . Howis that for you i mean i got an . Amazinglaunch it wasn’t too bad but this car’s a handful to get going um from stansville i just can’t keep up with you i’m not gonna lie we need to roll race let’s do the thing so then what exactly happened . Wellthe bmw won completing the standing quarter mile in 11.8 seconds .