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Favorite Ferrari Logo Images With 9 Pictures

to our little studio my name is laszlo you are watching dmb’s and today we’re gonna do something quote unquote trendy it has been a bit of a trend within the youtube graphic designer circles to redesign famous popular logo marks and for i have to admit for a long time i didn’t quite understand the appeal of doing that for two main reasons really one did anyone ask me to do this piece of work no two is .

Itrealistic to assume that brand reps would watch my and get in .


Withme in order to collaborate i also know the thing is . Bigbrands don’t need help if . Theyare selling they’re not gonna care about what their logo looks it’s as simple as that and that was the main reason why i never really felt i should spend time . Doingthis . Butthen something changed something dawned on me i don’t have to take this that seriously do i the whole idea is that it’s just a fun about adhering to other people’s guidelines .

Ido a lot of branding work but oftentimes i have to actually adhere .

Toother people’s stylescapes and for that i think something this is the perfect exercise that being said let’s jump in and design a new version of this logo the ferrari emblem applause okay first of all i chose a brand that i don’t have much emotional connection to most of you don’t know me that well so you have . Tobelieve me when i say i am not a car guy i don’t know the first thing about cars i snuck around hunting for a good brand to work with and upon seeing ferrari had a feeling that they haven’t ed their logo for quite some time and i was right this current version has been in place since 2002 now doing . Someresearch on the brand i started to understand that the traditional oldfashioned look of this logo mark is somewhat intentional . Thisprinting horse has been on the emblem for decades it’s originated back as the lucky charm . Ofthis italian world war one pilot whose family gave their blessing to enzo ferrari using the graphic in his brand i have a feeling that italians are big on their traditions aren’t they in the food the people this whole vintage western europe oftentimes gives out this this timeless vibe that things are perfect the way they are so . Whychange maybe i shouldn’t do this brand at all anyway i a challenge which is also shown in the fact that i chose a brand with a horse .