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Favorite 7 Good View Kwid Wallpaper

of my crazy updates hi. guys and welcome to another vlog i am driving this the renault kwid but there’s an espresso here because we are not to be my shooting both these cuts if you want to see between the comparison which one is better just click on the popout banner on the top right to see that let’s get the experts out of the way i feel having coffee started by the honda kona followed by the tata higher then the . Mghector and .

Thenthe hyundai . Whenyou .

Higuys and welcome back to the vlog i am driving this the renault kwid the espresso is out of the way what is common with all the guys i mentioned well the way the headlights have been placed anyway straight away let’s open the engine bay it is superduper light now you can actually do this all day long engine is compact this insulation right there as well a lot of changes on the kwid .

Faceliftnow this is not the first facelift of the car this happens to be the .

Secondone but this one is not comprehensive so what they have done is the top side happens to . Havethe led drl which is common across all variants meanwhile . Theheadlights have been shifted below so yeah there is where the headlights are on the bumper but still it offers a decent throw . Thereis a towing hook now . Thisled drl is made to merge into this chrome on the grill the grill is large so is the reynold ogo as well now this being the climber gets . Theseorange elements .

Aresurrounding the headlight as well .

Thereit is along with on the lower half . Ofthe bumper tube and even the outside rearview mirrors are finished in orange you get indicator on . Thisya above the wheel arch actually on the wheel arch meanwhile . Youget this side lighting as well for that suv sh look .

Infact body side lighting here as well flambeau written here i have no idea . Whatclimber means meanwhile the wheels on this car happened to be a 165 7014 they moved from 13 to 14 now the climber has got this dark colored wheel caps here these are wheel caps these are not alloys yeah there is the proof of the pudding anyways as you can see the design of the kwid is more or less the same i mean the shape is more or less the same or they’ve actually revised the design heavily at the front so the lens is actually increased minutely i believe by 52 mm because the bumpers . Arenot bigger and all this has been done to mid you know crashtest norms meanwhile you also get this orange treatment on the roof rails and it clearly says caution do not apply load so these might be roof raised but they’re not functional they’re only for the aesthetic purpose i’m so sorry the guy’s a little dirty right now because today happens to be a monday and i’m reshooting this vlog because the previous one i shot the audio did not come as clear as i was expecting it to anyways from the rear again you get that you know fake skid plate along with that orange treatment right there parking sensors . Reversecamera here nicely between the .

Rhinologo and the taillights also see revision so there are leds for the brake lights meanwhile the indicators as well as a reverse parking light happens to be a halogen reflectors reflectors were written right there so overall design of the car he’s a decent i would say i mean it is an attractive by small car standards meanwhile you got a massive antenna which is transmitting signal to nasa probably actually not to nasa but to outer space they are no door pockets absolutely no door pockets which is disappointing as i get .

Insideat allies that space says a decent for a . Smallcar but headroom is in that gray and an acai support is also lacking meanwhile new room and let me just about adequate most coupe dot seat back no . Magazineholders to storage space as the rear well it’s not there at all it’s . Missinghandle handle cabin isn’t that wide and you know what no hydrants in this car gets any adjustment there fix headrests meanwhile you get a center armrest without cupholders though but you know what even customize the price the folks won in polar do not get it so their storage space here for your bottles you can slot reporters right there you know the bass fish elpida is massive as . Wellso overall cabin isn’t that white so two people can sit here comfortably floor is almost flat meanwhile as you can see it . Alsogets power windows at the rear which happens to be optional i believe so is the front passenger airbag which is optional no rear wiper on offer now it obviously doesn’t get passive entry or any of that sort it doesn’t need it however the front door .

Pocketis massive it’s big enough i would say meanwhile this is actually the switch okay stop making noise this is actually the switch to open the hood this is the switch for headlight leveling kind .