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Best Nissan Skyline Wallpaper With 4 Pictures

a tuned ford mustang next to me is a completely standard bmw m3 competition and next to that is a tuned nissan skyline r34 gtr vspec and we are. going to have a drag race of america tuned japan tuned versus standard germany to see what will happen so let me tell you about this mustang has a fiveliter v8 but the owner has put a supercharger on it and that’s increased the power mode . Ison okay thanks for interrupting me anyway it’s increased power to 735 horsepower it’s also got 690 newton meters of torque that is sent to the rear wheels . Viaa sixspeed automatic gearbox with no launch control i’ve got drag radials fit to this tire for . Thedrag race when i do the other races later i think i’ll switch onto the normal tyres . Justbecause they could get a bit sketchy at higher speeds that should help with the launch show now this car is quite heavy it weighs in at 1775 kilos and it’s pretty expensive it’s worth about 80 000 pounds so that bmw .

Brand. New75 000 pounds and it’s got a three liter twin turbo straight six with 510 horsepower and 650 newton meters of torque that drives the rear wheels for an eightspeed automatic gearbox with launch control so that car weighs around 1 730 kilos finally then we come to the nissan that car has allwheel drive it’s got a 2.7 liter straight six with a single turbo but it’s been tuned and it puts . Out750 horsepower and 800 newton meters of torque it’s got a sixspeed manual gearbox so it could be quite hard to launch and that’s why we’ve got a . Professionalracing driver driving it i’ve also got a professional in the bmw though a professional at exactly what i’ll let you make your own minds up because it is hello yanny how are you hi matt really good power yourself yeah i’m all right i’m all right get a little bit of heart sat in here um sun’s coming through getting a bit sweaty how about you you all right got . Theaircon on i did have i just turned it off obviously so i could hear you clearly what do you think is going . Tohappen in this race you think you’re going to win do you think you’ll lose do you think you’re gonna come second i think i’ll beat you but the rfa4 gtr has a racing driver and i know that car .

Isnot normal so if my launch control works well hopefully i’ll give him a good run but he . Isa racing driver i expect .