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Best 8 Nice Pictures Pagani Zonda R Wallpaper

than space ships, but they’re not. they’re easy. and because this one has grippy, slick tyres, it’s the easiest of the lot. you can whizz about at top speed. and you’ve got time and brain power to think, “i really the way they’ve got these air vents laid out.” that’s a nice strap, kind of old fashioned and modern all at the same time. it doesn’t really matter if you’re not concentrating. because it doesn’t weigh anything and because its carbon brakes are so enormous, it will go from 125 miles an hour to a dead stop in 4.3 seconds. oh, yeah. like that. the only way to stop faster is to . Hita tree. and this is the first zonda to have a flappypaddle gearbox. it isn’t the most refined system in the world, if . I’mhonest, and . Itdoes mean that when you floor it, you enjoy the fury and all you have to do when the fury runs out, pull the lever and it starts all over again. go! yeah. go! go! yes, .

Go!go, go, go! this car .

Isfantastic, an extraordinary example of what can be done when there are no rules. but for a toy, it is a bit expensive. the car will cost you £1.46 million . Andbecause most british racetracks have noise limits, which this breaches, you’ll need your own. and the going rate for one of those these days, . About6 billion. billion! one last go, come on. honestly, what a machine. what a machine. it seems a shame, then, that we wave good to . Thezonda with a car that absolutely brilliant, but also completely useless. the people at pagani obviously thought so, too, because they recently announced that the r would not be the last zonda after all. they would actually finish by making five roadgoing versions of it. . Andthen they’d really definitely finish with five convertible versions of those. but a 1970s rock band, they don’t seem to be able to end the song because they now say . Thatthere will be another, one last hurrah. this is it, the tricolore. named after the italian air force aerobatic squadron, this too is a quietened down, softer version. of the r. it’s heavier, slightly less powerful, and thanks to, oops, normal road tyres, a lot less grippy. oh, dear. but it’s still a great car. and still properly, properly fast. and because you don’t need your own track, it’s about 6 billion less than the r. that makes it good value. but of course, what makes this the best value of all is that i’m driving revelation. the final encore. bye, zonda. bye. poor old .