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it’s quicker than the old turbo s which is actually one of the fastest cars i’ve ever driven i’ve got him so in this i’m going to be putting this car through various performance tests to see just how quick . Itreally is as well . Asgiving it a general allround reviewing as well now if you click on the popout banner up there you can get a car out to check out the best lease deals on porsche’s through . Carwow also you can check out reviews and deals . Onany car for that matter if you know of someone who’s looking . Tobuy a car just tell them about car wow it’s the goto car buying comparison website let’s start off by talking about the engine and this . Isthe closest you can get . Toit because it’s under there slung out over the rear axle . It’sa 3.7 liter twin turbo flat six with 650 horsepower and 800 newton meters of torque that’s 70 horsepower more and 50 newton meters more than the old turbo s had and it drives all four wheels .

Viaan eightspeed pdk dual clutch automatic gearbox with launch control porsche’s car can do not to 60 in just 2.7 seconds which is 0.2 of a second quicker than the old 911 turbo s i put my glasses on so i can make doubly sure that i can see where i’m going because it’s that quick but i want to test out their claims so i’ve got my new specialist timing gear right here i’m gonna launch this car it’s quite . Easyto do just put the car into sports plus mode then drive for the gearbox and floor the brake floor the throttle we should be good to go there we are now let’s do it crikey bang on 2.6 seconds 2.63 to be . Preciselet’s give another go because the tyres were cold it was scrabbling for grip let’s see .

Ifwe can do better that was a bit more brutal no stability came in got a quicker . One2.61 let’s go quicker because the stability did cut in whoa what am i looking down . Therei think that’s it 2.55 everyone we .

Havea winner ladies and gentlemen thankfully porsche has given the turbo s brakes . Tomatch its performance so as . Standardyou get carbon . Ceramicsand absolutely huge so at the back you have 390 millimeter discs gripped by four piston calipers so that’s bigger brakes you get on most cars at the front .

They’reactually 420 millimeter discs gripped by 10 piston calipers they should be strong now let’s see just how good . Thesebrakes really are so i’m going to do a brake test from 70 miles an hour when i reach the line down cone full emergency stop the cone after it is 50 meters away so i want to stop before that ideally quite a bit before that but we shall see and i’ll check the distance exactly using my new specialist timing gear once again so let’s . Doit as i’ll .

Launchit while i’m at it hey let’s get to 17. as quick as we can there it is right 70 come on whoa that is insane that is definitely the shortest distance . I’veever stopped while filming here let’s see what the specialist diamond gear says what’s the actual number so it’s stopped from 70 miles an hour in just 39 meters . That’sthe best i’ve had yet it really is i reckon if this car stopped in the yard it would probably tear your aortic arch that’s one for the doctors the kind of people who’ve been buying these cars well the consultants that is you have to be consultant level to afford a release compared to the normal carrera 4s the turbo s’s track which is the distance between the wheels . Acrossan axle is 43 millimeters wider at the .

Backbut at the front for some reason it’s six millimeters narrower there’s pause talk vectoring as standard so that’s effectively an electronically controlled limited slip differential at the back here and what it does it send power to the rear wheel with the most grip to help slingshot you out of corners the turbo ice has retuned sport suspension it comes as standard with adaptive dampers so you can . Choosebetween a firmer and a softer setting you can also upgrade the car which this one has to the optional sport suspension upgrade which basically just lowers it by 10 millimeters when you’re driving along normally the car’s allwheel drive system basically sends all the power to the rear wheels then when you need some extra grip at the front it can send 500 newton meters of torque to the front wheels to help pull you out of trouble the car is fitted with dynamic engine mounts so when you’re just driving along normally they’re kind of fairly loose and relaxed and chilled so you don’t get too many vibrations entering the cabin but then when you go around the corner they tighten up to stop the engine moving about all over the place to keep the car nice and precise there’s also active antiroll bars which sort of do a similar job with the suspension so when you’re just driving along in a .

Straightline they’re all relaxed and chilled so it doesn’t feel too bumpy but then when you go around a corner they kind of prop the car up and stop it leading so much so it’s all nice and precise again more precise it’s all about being precise this car and then chilled when he needed to be another . Thingyou get as standard on the turbo s is rear wheel steering so when you’re going at low speeds the back wheels turn in the opposite direction to the .

Frontwheels a bit on a forklift truck to . Aidlow speed maneuverability then when you’re getting faster they actually turn in the same direction of the front wheels to aid high speed stability interestingly the rear wheel steering system fitted to the turbo s responds six percent quicker big wow than that . Youcan fit optionally to the . Normal911. the turbo rs also comes with standard with the new cat system over there you can see it operating in the background see what you use that for is to prevent any kind of mice in your garage which could nor await the cars wiring or anything that so the . Catsystem very very good unfortunately it’s quite expensive if you just have it fit to the normal 911s but with the turbos you . Getit standard okay let’s see what this thing is on a twisty road so i’ve got the . Carin sports plus mode and manual mode for the gearbox and my god this gearbox is quick that’s nice sharp steering feel the stability control helping me out a bit there but the car is quite adjustable when you lift . Offa bit more than i was expecting but the grip is insane and the body control is great as well it just stays nice and flat there’s loads of air weight just holds on grips bit of understeer when you push too hard but you let off and it just that’s it comes back round rear . Enginecar supposedly unbalanced yeah the balance is incredible i thought the turbo was supposed to be the least fun of the . 911sbut that was a lot of fun it’s got my heart racing but not in a way i’m scared i reckon . Mymum could drive this thing quickly oh what a start go it’s safe it’s secure it helps you out it’s not larry crazy the gt2 rs and if you want to see my four input review of that car . Clickon the banner up there but yeah put a smile on your face and you’ll . Getto your destination in one piece no problem at all portion it the stability control should go all the way off now despite being fourwheel drive it should be . Ableto send 100 of the power to the rear wheels i said earlier so let’s see if it’ll .

Slideshall we. applause it definitely will applause i can feel the power going to the front when it starts to slide a bit too much but it will do what you want it to do it’s really good and controllable i think . That’senough of this there we go it’s calm down yeah it’s light the turbo has a redesigned front bumper compared to the normal 911 all the vents obviously are real it’s a . Porschethey don’t do fake vents and porsches and it’s got these little upturned fins here which are kind of the cars 200 it’s if it’s quality what’s your problem mate make it look more . Aggressivethough it still doesn’t look as aggressive as the old gt2 rs the tebow s has 20 . Inchalloy wheels at the front and 21 inches at the back and it has those racing .

Stylecenter locking nuts as well which are pretty cool also you might notice this look there’s this extra side skirt here which kicks out towards the rear and the obligatory turbo air scoops that are real again wait a minute what’s in there . Comeon no joking here . Atthe back the turbo s’s body is actually eight millimeters wider just that much across its rear haunches to give it a bit .

Morepresence also the spoiler is visible rather . Thanthe popout version you get on the normal carreras though this does pop up further when you’re going faster at speed it also has a visible horizontal . Brakelight rather than the vertical ones which are worked into the engine cover on the normal car the rear bumper is reworked as well so you’ve got some bigger air vents at the side and you’ve got your turbo s badging there also the number plate has been moved from there on the normal car to here reason being there’s some more vents here which feed air for the engine i actually prefer the location that number plate than having it lower down but what do you think let me know in the comments box below here on the inside the tubosis cabin is pretty much . Identicalto the normal 911s so you’ve got a really nicely laid out sporty feeling high quality cabin with a brilliant driving position the central infotainment system is pretty decent and you’ve got one analog dial in . Themiddle for the rev counter . Flankedby two little digital screens each side which is pretty cool but on the turbo s you . Havea .

Littlepicture of the actual turbo s car there with its protruding rear wing and wider haunches and it says 911 turbo s on . Hereas well as on the central rev counter you also have 911 turbo s on the aluminium sill plates the steering wheel also has a dead ahead marker as well and the turbo ace gets the upgraded extended leather . Soyou get leather on the dash and on the doors and you get extra silver trim on the door handles and down the sides of the doors you also get 18 way electrical sport seats oh yeah lots of adjustment that is instead of the normal fourway electrical adjustment of the standard car and it also has turbo s embossed on the headrest and that’s pretty much your lot apart from this you also get sports chrono as standard on the turbo s which includes this drive mode selector on the steering wheel which is nice and handy here in the back the turbo s is just any other 911 so it’s not particularly pleasant for children . Andit’s bordering on medieval torture for . Adultsnow if you need to carry some things into the people you can fold down this back seat if you need to squeeze in some unusually shaped objects as with all 911s you get a front boot though for some reason the turbo s’s capacity is 128 liters whereas the carrera 4s has 132 liters what did they do with those four litres with the pump i don’t know still the capacity is greater here in the front boot than the front boot you get on an audi r8 and if you’d to see . Aporsche racer now . Dr8click on the popup button up there to watch the drag race now then it’s time for the car wow 5 annoying things about this car most new cars are lighter than the cars they replace but not here you see the porsche . 911turbo s is 40 kilos heavier than the old one it weighs in at kilos so it’s porker bar name and porker by nature porsche’s this car should be able to return 23 miles per gallon but over the past 416 miles this one has done 15.5 miles per gallon which is about .

Thesame kind of economy i get at my big old amg g63 on this plaque porsche’s car has a 3.8 liter engine but that’s a lie it’s actually . Isaid at the beginning a . 3.7liter it’s a 3.745 liter engine to be precise which you should round down however the germans just have a bit of rounding everything up regardless .

Maybethat’s why their economy is better than ours if you want this car to sound as good as it can then you need to upgrade to the sports exhaust and it’s a 2180 pound option when ready it should be standard on a card this price now normally the car sounds this when you press the button it opens the valve in the exhaust and then it sounds this which .

Reallyis the sound it should make in the first place there’s no spare wheel in this car instead you have to use tire sealant goo thing is though that’s actually on the options list now it only costs 42 pounds which is a trifling matter to someone who can afford a car such as this but what happens if you forget to select it which you may . Welldo because you just assume that it was standard then you’re going to get a puncture and you’re going to be less stranded . Becauseyou don’t have this don’t worry there’s . Stillplenty to about this car here’s a car wow five call features the eightspeed automatic gearbox has a longer final gear compared to the carrera 4s which means that its top speed is 50 miles an hour higher at 205 miles an . Houras . Wellas the extendable rear spoiler there’s also an extendable front splitter . Whenyou combine all those aerodynamic addons you get from them a maximum of 100 kilograms of combined downforce un the turbochargers on the old turbo s which are spun the same way the ones on the new turbo s spin the opposite way which helps improve the airflow into the engine for quicker . Responsesthe stitching pad on the seats and the doors mimics that of the original 911 turbo the 930 from the 70’s that’s his threat draw yar you’re worried about scraping your car’s nose on speedups and stuff that don’t worry you can pay 1700 pounds for a front axle lift there raise it up a bit one of the great things . Aboutthe porsche 911 turbo is that it’s so easy .

Tolive with every day when you’re just driving around town pretty normal mode the . Controlsare just nice and light gearbox is good visibility is actually really good it’s good for a normal car it’s brilliant for something with this much performance you can just chill you know i need 50 . Andthen you slowly need to overtake someone floor it get boxing .