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Best 8 Mitsubishi Galant Wallpaper

in celsius or the miata today i am in my friends mitsubishi glad vr4. not the old one the kind of old one the late mid 90s today we are going to film with uh jd masters again . Buti . Thinki will make a behind the scenes of one of his s the owner of this car is behind me and his suzuki cappuccino which is beautiful i think he actually prefers that one to . Thisone because he’s having me drive this .

Onethis car was another car that hit the horsepower cap .

Agreementof the 90s it was advertised at 275 it actually . Madesomething 300 yeah so it should be a lot of fun let’s take some pictures and hang out. one thing to note about this car is it’s insanely hard to find one in manual this one is manual i don’t know what the numbers are eric does he can give them to you i’m sure ken does he’ll he’ll definitely give it to us i can tell you i don’t it i do not this transmission it just feels rubbery and everything’s . Pushedto the left and it’s just it’s not not the best uh what i do though is this engine it has a . Reallynice . Linearpower delivery which is surprising because it’s a turbo a turbo from the 90s oh i left up behind going too fast. ah . Goingtoo fast okay let the cappuccino catch up it is the same engine that was in the mitsubishi them which is the station wagon version of this i quite the just clean lines really i feel it uses negative space really well uh whereas it’s not loud it’s crazy aggressive sanding lexus so this is his cappuccino he just got it painted this is . Actuallythe same cappuccino that was in one of my previous s on the track but it looked way different then you can tell how what the interior looks which car he values more and i think it’s definitely this cappuccino big fan of the hood it’s got some lilywood brakes on there he said he’s having some issues with them right now so hopefully that isn’t supposed to be a problem let’s put some nice .

Cleantires yeah this is definitely the favorite car of the two but they’re both really cool give you an idea for size .

Thatnext to it is this suzuki alto that’s a compact k car and it makes this car look bit looks small. and i stand on this sewage grid it smells awful so this is .