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Top Lotus Exige Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

here it is this thing’s rather special to me yes i know it’s just a series one lotus exige but its second registered keeper was me back in 2002 this was my old autocar long termer and the chap i sold it to nearly 20 years ago is about to sell it again i’m collecting cars i’m going to be reacquainted with it and maybe go for a little drive the siege was born i think in 2000 and in 2001 .

Iwas autocar magazine and i managed to get a chance to race in something called the auto by tell lotus elise championship which was strange because they were called elises but they looked . Hezesit was a support race . Seriesfor touring cars and i managed to blag myself a road car to drive to the races and this was . Ity 47 a e x it had a right hold life with me this car .

Doesnot .

Haveits original engine i know because i blew the first one up and . Lotusfitted a new engine to this car . Theyhad it fitted at um what was called williams lotus in bristol it doesn’t have a tuition engine but it does have a proper 190 horsepower k series it has the correct engine and it’s got every kind of factory extra you could get on an exige in 2001 it’s got the upgraded brakes it’s got the fancy seats it’s got the sports exhaust .

Mufflerit really was my dream car i did about 15 000 miles an hour i think was it 12 i can’t remember but yeah let’s show you around it and then i’ll remember some proper stories about it including the time it failed to get back from the nurburgring and it made an appearance on bbc radio cornwall so an exige really was an elise with a roof with a .

Widebodiedsolid rear clam and a roof panel where the canvas roof used . Tobe uh wider front arches as well and when it came out i don’t think any of us could believe how good it looked even now i think this s1 xv is one of the best looking lotus performance cars ever made it’s absolutely stunning and this one is highly original . Ithink i think it’s identical to the day i sold it it’s even got . Theoriginal large format number . Platewhich . Islotus cars limited rather than indeed as well so geeks out there will know this is the real thing mighty stone chip front clam exactly as i sold it the big brakes i said exactly as i sold it the interior .