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Favorite Nissan Gtr Desktop Wallpaper With 13 Pictures

have. how are you doing, guys? welcome back to another . we’ve got a very special guest here, today. he came here from berlin. it’s roman. r: hey! first of all thanks for joining . Ustoday! thanks for having me. let me tell you, he brought two real machines with him today. on the one hand. this thing. could you explain shortly what we’ve got here. in case anyone doesn’t know it. it’s a 2017 nissan gtr r35. it has .


Modifications.just some minor ones, well okay it’s got the full package. right, some minor modifications is a huge understatement. you told me it has around 1000 hp. about 950 with ethanol. okay. so. i only filled it up with 102 octanes, so we are now at around 820 hp. okay that’s obviously lackluster. a bit weak so to say. a really sick car, i’ve never driven a gtr before. but, the good thing is, this isn’t the . Onlyreason for your . are called, i think we can see here. here you can see. it’ written here. the bauer (farmer/builder) this might get misinterpreted here in the allgaeu. the farmer drives around over there in the . Fields.but in your case, it means something different. i . Buildspecial computers. yeah. but i have to say the name, you know you give yourself a gaming nickname at around 13/14 years old, don’t really think lots about it. that it might turn into something more. and if it, does it’s too late. that’s the thing i still the name as it is quite unique. it’s not d to being a farmer, i think many might think this . Atfirst. that “bauer, but never mind that. i think if people know you, they know what it means. so you build some serious computers, also made some for other. .bigger you tubers so to say. you build some rigs for them, right? exactly. for whom? i build one for mois, flying uwe, fritz meinecke. .we also did build one for gronkh. i don’t really remember them all. there’ve been some custom ones definitely. i manly do this with caseking. . Asi do also work for them. they have quite a few partners that means, you must build a lot of pcs. very nice, i have to say i feel very honored. especially for you driving that long way here, that you did that for me. i have seen nothing so far. i told everyone i don’t want to hear, see or know anything, so the surprise will be even bigger. some up there already had a sparkle in their eyes, as we talked about it before. so you guys .