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Top 9 Good View Lexus Lc 500 Wallpaper

a mustang bullet next to me is a lexus lc 500 and we’re gonna have a drag race because actually these cars are really evenly matched this has a five liter naturally aspirated v8 that has . Afive liter naturally aspirated v8 . Thishas 460 horsepower that has 460 horsepower this has 530 newton meters of torque that has 530 newton meters of torque however there are some differences this has . Asixspeed manual gearbox . Thathas a 10speed automatic also that car weighs a bit more it’s 965 kilos this is 1851 kilos price is different as well 60 000 pounds for this 90 grand for that access still the guy who’s in it can probably afford it it’s annie from the animes y’all jan how you doing hi matthew i’m playing around with this car i don’t even know what this is all you need to do is find the sports mode which i think is up on the .

Instrumentpinnacle get that into the sporty setting things should .

Looka bit red and when the counter counts down you just hold it on the .

Brakethen floor the . Acceleratoryeah that sounds really simple well this car is quite complicated as well because it’s a manual yeah it has a launch control system which holds the revs at a certain kind . Ofrpm that you choose and then you just sidestep the clutch but i’ve been messing around in it and i find it easier to start without . Thatlaunch control system working and just doing it myself but we shall see so shall i put my foot on the brake and launch it yeah the usual way there’s no launch control just hold on the brake build up some power and then release the brake and see if you can beat me over there sounds simple let’s do that but before we do please .

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