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7 Good View E39 Wallpaper

threaten one we make spaghetti a la silicone insane just insane important tools here it is i’m trying to flush and we race apparently on a race bro huh cameraman sound man director the producer is all coked up but only that are we ready okay good hello and welcome to m539 restorations into my beloved e39 m5 this. is my favorite car and the best car in the world don’t argue it just is this is a car that was never as a project on the and that’s because i fixed it up long before i . Startedthis talk to myself for a gig i imported it from italy about four years ago did a lot of work on it and since then just drove the crap out of it i think i bought it with around 165 or 170 now it’s at 208 000 kilometers recently we took it on a very big road trip to italy .

France3000 kilometers in 11 days the car just drives wonderfully anyway the last time i did the on it was last year actually around this time we did the annual service and we got it up . To300 kilometers per hour on the autobahn and that was actually quite popular which is awesome to see e39 getting the love that it deserves now . We’regonna do another oil change because it’s due and then we’re gonna change the water pump and do a little bit of work on the suspension but more on . That. Oncethe car is in you know my girlfriend says that i love this car more than i love her which is not true but i do love this car very much let’s get the tower on wheels out of here where . Didi put the key. sounds good i hope you the x5 this car has virtually no extra options only one which .

Isdouble glazing windows and it also hasn’t gotten one that’s really important stupid sunroof it’s a slick top which means it’s rather quiet on the autobahn that and the windows really make it nice to drive at higher speeds so what are we doing . Todayi’m gonna kick off with an oil change since the car is still nice and toasty then we have to . Replacethe water pump which i already replaced i think around 30 000 kilometers ago as part of preventive maintenance but recently started making some manly sounds you know the . Typeof sounds that i make not very good for water pump . Thenwe’re gonna do the thrust control arms i actually have mono balls from german auto solutions from .