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10 Pictures Bentley Flying Spur Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

this is driver for brit co i do for britta young but thank you mate yeah i’m good thanks are great so this thing starts from a hundred and sixty five thousand pounds though . It’snot on sale yet but if you’re interested . Inthe continental gt coupe a you click on the popup banner up there follow the link below the you can save an average of fourteen thousand five hundred pounds of form through carlyle seriously though if you know someone who’s looking to buy a new car or maybe you are just checkout car while alright we all good to go therefore it’s you cool what a treat this is the best intro to any review i’ve ever done well from my perspective anyway and the first thing i. want to know about the bentley . Continentalflying spur . Isjust how quick it is you see . Rollsroyces are supposed to be swift but .

Bentley’sare meant to be effing fast so i’m about to arrive at a pay are and then my driver is gonna launch it .

I’mgonna see how quickly gets to 60 miles an hour using my specialist timing equipment never done this before from the back seats but let’s . Giveit a go right there . Anddriver nail it. and i’ve got a reading people it’s naught to 60 in 4.2 seconds now the car. is supposed to do . Itin 3.7 but to be fair that was uphill we got three people in the car and the surface was really bad i could hear the tires just scrambling for grip but rest assured we were first out of the gate and got ahead of some other . Trafficso not too bad i’ll take that . It’sa bentley for sure now i’ve done the allimportant performance test let’s talk about what this car is to be driven in so first of all this isn’t actually the best seat to be in it’s that one there behind the front passenger seat because then you can move the front passenger seat all the way forward but still there’s no problems here for me even though he’s in his normal . Drivingposition i’ve got loads of knee room loads of headroom i can just sit back and relax to enjoy this lovely bentley pillow that i’m nestling .

Myhead on it’s actually made a suede in fact the . Leatherin here is absolutely gorgeous and . Qualityeverywhere is impeccable everything’s handstitched it’s joyous i love it plus when you’re just driving around it’s super burly quiet unless from bits he puts . Hisfoot down then you hear that w12 but it’s .