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got lovely surprise in the back of the van for it all right all right let’s have a look let’s see would you uh would you mind just signing for it as well though with lots of loves lance and seb to all the boys and girls at the depot somebody would help had a pen come with me it’s a gorgeous surprise and i really think you’re gonna love it so with love to you both it must be a present then it’s your present because . Todayyou know whatever is wrapped when you hand it to somebody it’s present happy birthday thank you well the new bond film no time to die is out . Onthe 30th of september we can’t wait and we thought in celebration of the occasion we’d get together three of the most talented formula one drivers that i know and enjoy four iconic cars how are you feeling about today well i think it’s great i’m looking forward to to the day i mean there’s as you said beautiful cars and i .

Can’twait to get behind the .

Wheeland maybe for us to feel a little bit james bond it’s the 25th bond movie and aston martin’s have been in half of them it’s very much part of the brand . Isn’tit absolutely because in every movie uh every james bond movie that i’ve seen anyways i mean there’s an aston martin and i think it’s what makes the brand so exciting . It’swhat makes it’s what it’s giving it so much exposure across the globe you fancy yourself as james bond lance .

Ahtoday i might uh think i’m . Jamesbond behind the back of that wheel . Thedb5 looks pretty looks pretty cool applause why would i betray you we all have our secrets we just didn’t get to yours yet. so . that’s really good he was coming right at me for a second i was ready to jump . Overthe wall this is mark higgins who is the stunt .

Driverfull bond hello there how are you doing all right how many days of stunt driving did you do for no time to die . Wellthat’s a crazy thing we were immateria in italy for seven weeks for a scene which could potentially be five minutes so uh quite a lot of work so i’ve had a bit more practice than you had a nice time in italy very nice laughter now we’re gonna do some stunts can you talk us through what you’ve got in store for boys so we’re going to start off with a nice drift around the lefthander which would be .