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Top 13 Mercedes Benz G63 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

another vlog today we have two monstrous g wagons behind me. let me tell you a little bit of history about the mercedes g wagon also the gclass model it was first built for the shah of iran he was also a partner in mercedesbenz parkland then a few years later it came into production it’s probably one of the most oldest production cars until this day 40 years and it’s still going strong it’s had many facelifts on the way changing the headlights changing .

Thewings the wider arches the bumpers etc but the one that i is the current model 2018 to 2021 model and that’s what i’m going to be doing to these two yes the challenge is to convert these two cars into the current model. nowadays the g wagon has become a very iconic car it’s endorsed by very high profile people . Andcelebrities them t.i kris jenner megan fox kylie jenner. arnold schwarzenegger kevin hart cristiano ronaldo and sheikh maktoum of dubai but fortunately there’s not naveed khan on the list i’ve never actually had a g wagon but i do the current model i’ve never been fond of the older models i just don’t know why i think they’re a little bit too boxy i know it’s a very very popular car very instagram famous and very popular in russia and dubai but this car is getting very popular in the uk and it .

Isone of the most customized cars that we customize here at ncaa’s hq so anyway this is the 2010 model on my right hand side and this is the . 2015model on the left hand side we do have the button body kit for the g wagon . The2010 . Plus.

Modelsand also we have a body kit that’s available for the 2018 plus models as well but anyway my job today is to transform these two . Intothe current model so we’re gonna be face lifting these and we’re bringing these two cars up today let’s . Goaround this car first so this is a 2010 model as you can see very . Basicvery boxy all g wagons uh the arch is not as wide as the facelift version it’s got the standard wheels on there looking at the interior this is the first generation model interior as you can . Seevery basic all the .

Woodtrim in the big fat steering wheel it’s not digital apart from the screen that we’ve got over here which is obviously uh look . Modernback . Inthe days but very old okay we’re not going to be working on the interior these debuggers .