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to tell more about the technical details is mr anand kulkarni anand thank you so much for spending all the time thank you hi mayank thank you very much uh so anand i would want to first understand from you you know what have been the key uh engineering changes that you’ve done in the nexon to incorporate this larger battery pack to offer more range in the nexon evmax now . Rightso mike uh obviously you know that the battery has improved by about 33 percent uh from 30.2 kilowatt hour on the existing car to 40.5 kilowatt hour uh on the new car. uh now in order to do this uh additional battery we’ve looked at it uh fairly holistically i would say uh we’ve first of all looked . Atimprovement in the battery packaging efficiency so which means that if you have a certain . Volumeavailable within the battery in which you could fit your cells . Howyou arrange your cells is a very . Importantparameter that looks at the overall efficiency of the battery pack . Andwe’ve been able to jack that up by. between seven and eight percent uh existing battery design and that straight away improves uh the ability for us to give more uh battery capacity now how has this been done we’ve obviously modified certain key dimensions on the battery so we’ve expanded the battery in height uh and for doing so we’ve made floor modifications . Uhwhich you will see when you get to lay your hands on the car uh hopefully very soon and uh we’ve also uh optimized the. overall size and shape of the battery so that it can accommodate additional cells and uh with the efficiency that i spoke to . Youabout we’ve been able to achieve this as a result of this uh while battery capacity has . Goneup 33 percent the battery weight has gone up only about uh 25 27 so uh . That’sthat’s how we’ve been able to uh package more uh into the battery and as a resultant of this we’ve still been able to uh keep the of the weight balance on the car at 50 50 which if you remember was one of the salient points on the nexon one which gave it the supreme confidence and the capability on the . Roadso this is . Thisis one change that we have done so far as the battery is concerned now uh while we’ve done all these things the mass has still gone up so the mass on the car has . Goneup by about 100 kilograms of which uh 70 kilograms roughly comes from the batteries so we’ve .