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Best Alfa Romeo 159 Wallpaper With 7 Pictures

is called the one five nine oh absolutely james that was not two years ago yes it was but we weren’t paying attention nevermind because we alphas on top gear so i thought that belatedly i admit i should go and find out what’s what so. better late than never here it is but before we get stuck in we have to take care of some housekeeping i have here the top gear italian car road test cliches swear box and every time i use a . Word . Soulor passion or any bit of fake italiano to describe this car i’ve got to put a pound in it let me. explain the problem the . Yearspeople who do my job people who test cars have only ever been able to say exactly the same thing about alfre mayors and it is yes the build . Qualityis a . Bitropey in places and the electrics will probably prove to be a bit iffy but we prefer them to bmw because it offers beautiful looks and gorgeous engine notes fill it .

Withsoul and passion car anyway. you see the problem .

Thisis what alfa . Romeois about to be honest i could take the road test of the one five six which we did nine years ago and just change the 62 a nine still you never know maybe this time things will be different let’s start with the looks that front end those . Lightsthat sweeping bonnet line and the striking grille and it’s the same . Storyaround the back inside. there are lots of silvery bits and lovely dials in fact there are two words that perfectly encapsulate the stylistic beauty of this car so business as usual when it comes to appearances but that could .

Bethe last time i put my hand in my pocket you see alfa romeo . Hasnow put i’m german in charge of the company and he’s a man who used to be responsible for things bmw n series cars and more recently the rollsroyce phantom stuff the doesn’t fall apart he’s passionate about build quality and he’s promising .

Thatthe electrics will no longer be installed by a toddler group .

Andyou better be right frankly because this thing is now stuffed with electrical gizmos it’s got an electronic keys got automatic climate control it’s got an nv 3 compatible stereo it’s got parking sensors you can have satnav and you can have an integrated mobile phone all this on a car which at 22,500 pens. is . 2.

Grandless than the equivalent 3series now we won’t know . Ifthis. quality regime works until you tell us what .