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10 Good View Dodge Charger Scat Pack Wallpaper

i’m down at benson chrysler jeep dodging ram getting to check out the 2021 dodge charger scat pack huge shout out to them for providing this muscle car for me today make sure you guys check . Outtheir website that will be down in the description below this model here is finished off in f8 green and it has an msrp just over 53 000. let’s go ahead and start off today’s review by jumping up underneath the hood where .


Findthe 6.4 liter srt hemi v8 . Enginethis .


Pairedto the .

8speedautomatic transmission .

Itpumps out 485 horsepower around 6100 rpm and 475 poundfeet of torque around 4 100 rpm this is rearwheel drive it weighs in right around 4 400 pounds it’ll do zero to 60 in just over four seconds up to . Itstop speed of 175 miles an hour and with a fuel capacity of 18 and a half gallons you’ll expect to see around 15 miles per gallon in the city and 24 out on the highway this has a wheelbase of 120 inches its overall length is 200.8 it . Hasa width of 75 inches and a height of 57.8 inches and with all those specs out of the . Waywe can go ahead and take a look at . Theexterior on the dodge charger so i’m going to start up top on the hood where you can see there’s a slight bulge running right down the center you’ll . Alsonotice the functional air inlet which will .

Providemaximum cooling for that srt hemi v8 engine and you’ll also see this model .

Hasthe carbon fiber stripes so they start at the back of the hood and work their way all the way .

Tothe lower section of the bumper and it ties in nicely with this f8 green as we work our way to the grill now you’ll see there’s a really nice pattern running throughout that along with some openings to provide more cooling to that engine and on both sides of the grill you can see large cutouts for more inlets to provide extra cooling so there’s definitely no shortage of cooling for this engine and then on the sides of that . You’llsee the hid . Headlightsalong with the turn signals and the drls they have a . Reallynice sleek housing .

Andit’s really nice to see how they’re about the same size as the grille so it has a really nice sleek design running across the entire front end you’ll also notice down below we have the same grille with the same pattern and then on both sides of that there are fog lights .