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10 Pictures Genesis Coupe Wallpaper

i’m here at fitzgerald hyundai and guess what i have finally tracked one down everybody’s been asking me this is a 2016 hyundai. genesis coupe but before we dive into this car let’s talk about what is going on with it here so in 2010 honda decided to build the genesis coupe it actually sits on the same platform as the genesis sedan the hyundai genesis sedan what it was all about was rearwheel drive performance in a twodoor sports car style package it really was meant to be a competitor to go up against the mustang gt the chevrolet camaro and what’s really sad was that they had a great start and then they kind . Ofjust let it go near the end now what’s fascinating is that remember in 2015 the genesis brand was created and now that’s something totally separate from honda a . Lotof people we’re gonna do two things with this a lot of people are trying to wonder will genesis produce a coupe in their lineup and with .

This should they produce a genesis coupe and also is this car a really great performance car for . Themoney in. an attractive package we’re gonna find that out let’s dive into this 2016 hyundai genesis coupe this one . Hasthe v6 you could also get an inline ford turbocharged engine right off the bat the styling they really were onto something in 2010 with the styling now this one being a 2016 is guess what and in the road the car was killed off after 2016 and by then they had done a refresh now i wasn’t a big fan of the refresh as much as the original but let’s see what you got going on here so you can see in 2016 the large headlight housing you do have a projector beam style . Headlighta little . Bitof chrome in there this was one of those changes i really wasn’t the largest fan of but you know what seeing it sitting here especially this creampuff it’s only got about 30,000 miles on it it actually fits well with the front of the business when you toggle down you’re gonna have your led lighting and then your lower fog lamp we’re gonna zonk this area here you do have a fake vent area and this is another thing that changed on that refresh now when we come across the open front area here this somebody put an actual genesis coupe badge that was something that was very popular and it’s still popular to do normally you would have the hande logo here . Butflat black functional for the radiator up front and .