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Favorite 22 Pictures Ferrari Roma Wallpaper

I have to show you today the new Ferrari roman. Now, this is the cheapest. Which Ferrari can you buy now? Crazy to have the latest update in the Ferrari line like all the new generation technology. I Will show you today and a new look at what you guys think. I like the look of the Roma. This is an entry-level Ferrari, but I think it is. One of the most handsome Ferraris in the. market so let me show you. What’s going on here? Guys ready this. Also the coolest. Ferrari keys were once made of leather. Right and then you can get this too. Back. Which is super cool, so it’s like this. Rectangular design I have. Never seen one other car keys before. I really like that it’s very compact. Doesn’t look like a car key on. All so this is actually optional. This cool little extra is on the front.

The way standards come in is simply. Leather on the back and front, so here it is guys. Thank you so much for the superior rental. They have actually. Cuts out extra dough for luxury. Key. Thank you so much for giving us Rome. Today so we can see everything is fine. I show you around. Came behind what I thought. Really cool is. Open boot with this key you press. Twice. This opens the pull up and . This is where you can see everything. The extra money you spend. In this car so it’s all yours. Optional addition. Right, so let’s see what they have. Apple Carplay red brake calipers. Carbon fiber center. [music]. He’s so annoying that’s my sister. Always interrupting our shoots as is. You did. No, out of this car line no. Owned here. Ignore it. See, he’s got his neck hurt he can’t move. The neck oh yo. Yo, what happened? No, I’m in pain. Can you get this chimney out of here. Because I have a Ferrari for you to do. And this is because. It just pulls it down oh I think I. I’ll take it upstairs and then no-no. Go on, all right, come back inside. Jimmy is fine. Alright, so what I’m saying is. You get all these optional extras.

This car starts at around 250,000, but this one goes for around 285,000 with all so optional extras. You can see here. For example you have. Red brake calipers in addition and. You also get a carbon fiber hub cap. The boot space, uh isn’t that big to be honest. with you. Comes with cover and emergency. Safety kits are usually in gt cars with. The machine in front of you has a lot. More space at the back so. It’s not great for example entry-level. Ferraris of the past. Had Californian California tea. Portofino. They all have a little more room in. Back so this is a bit on . Small side. An interesting plus is the look I. Actually, I like the way it’s pulled. This is direct. And don’t have to lift it over the barrier. Here, behind, however I noticed. A few complaints. That is if you parked on a hill like. This and you open. Ride the trunk then whatever is there will be. Literally just fell from behind. Well close this and no. Have attractive soft clothes. I’d love to see that. Otherwise, you should go like this. And then it will appear. I like it.

Their taillights have actually. Replaced as is. Usually the iconic tail lights. A lap on top of a Ferrari. Now they are more elongated they are not. Totally round but I really am. It’s really like that, look at these people. I really like the way you open this. Door. You just insert your finger and then. It pops open and you pull back, and it is. It actually feels very light. They store and are very easy to maneuver now. I opened this for a. The reason for seeing this here is like. Ejector seat button. And I’m going to blow that explosion. We can see under the hood. Up it goes yes now we actually are. Take a look at the twin-turbo v8. And it has about 610 horsepower. It’s same. Total as a Lamborghini storm okay. Just so you can compare. Where it sits in the power league in between. Supercars. That’s enough pop that went down it. It has a very long nose, doesn’t it. Kind of popped out like a shark. That’s my least favorite design feature. In this car a bit long. My favorite other than that I think. The front is very beautiful. Now let’s get into because. This car has been completely updated. Everything is fine first thing. I want to show here press this and . He. A quick lock function so you don’t even. Must have your keys on you when you are. Know that I’m new