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8 Nice Pictures Ferrari Logo Wallpaper

that black horse on a yellow background it’s the symbol of european performance ferrari the logo has been virtually unchanged in its 83 year history and rightfully so how do you improve upon perfection but where did enzo ferrari come up with the idea for that iconic logo . Wellfor that we have to go all the way back to world war one most of the fighting was done along long static fronts . Battlefieldswere littered with trenches and barbed wire people would hunker down while artillery would fire millions of shells .


Andforth at each other’s positions but world war one also saw a lot of innovations and one of those was the use of airplanes as weapons and if you were unlucky enough you may have caught a glimpse of what inspired the ferrari logo italy’s top ace during world war one was count francisco baraka the coat of arms for baraka’s . Familywas a shield with a black prancing horse on its hind legs below a blue .

Barwith three gold stars francisco .

Adoptedthe prancing horse emblem on the . Planeshe flew even after the squadron he commanded adopted the griffin in 1918 many of the other pilots continued to fly the black horse in honor of their commander francisco was responsible for 34 victories during world war one and rose to the rank of major before he was shot down by a gunner in a twoseater austrian aircraft on june 19 1918. due . Towartime propaganda though his downing was attributed to ground fire when his body was recovered he was found with a single gunshot . Woundto his head and his pistol out of its holster near his body it was presumed that he opted to take his own life instead of being . Takenprisoner fast forward to 1923 the war is over and anzo ferrari is racing for alfa romeo after winning the circuit de .

Savilloenzo ferrari was introduced to count barack’s parents while speaking to . Hismother countess paulina baraka she gave . Enzoferrari a signed photo of her son and asked him to use the same black horse on his cars promising him it would bring him good luck fast forward to 1929 enzo ferrari starts his own racing team scudira ferrari which was partnered . Withhelper romeo move 4 to 1932 and the first two cars from scootier ferrari wearing what would become the ferrari logo a pair of alfa romeo 8c 2300 spiders race at the 24. hours of spa an endurance race held in stavelot belgium the logo a shield with a black prancing horse and the letters sf below it with a canary yellow .