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Best 8 335i Wallpaper Good Looking

driving i mean bmw is so well known in this segment that most enthusiasts out there will start salivating at the thought of driving at three 3series on a curvy back road so today let’s . Takea look at a bmw that’s quite popular . Onthe used car . Marketwhat you’re looking at is a 2008 bmw 335i now this generation oh. wait actually represents the fifth generation also known as the e90 . Throughe93 body style the sedans are known as .

Thee90 now this 3series when it first came out in 2006 it replaced the older previous generation e46 and this thing has been a really big critical and sales success for bmw i mean it pretty much is known . Asthe ultimate driving 3series and a lot of people still prefer this generation 3series over the current f10 body style . Orf30 body style i’m sorry now the three the 3series for . 2008is still available in two models there’s .

A328i which it .

Hasa standard straight six that’s naturally aspirated or this one the 335i with twin turbocharged . Threelitre straightsix and i gotta say back when this car was brand new at the time you could pick one of these up for over $50,000 loaded so today you . Canbuy them in the used car market for a pretty good deal and this particular one only has 43,000 miles on it that’s a pretty loaded up 3series it’s one of the nicest .

Onesi’ve seen for this body style so for what does bmw done to it . Throughoutthe years well 2007 they got rid of the older 2.5 litre and 3 litre v6 engines .

Andthen they gave us the turbocharged straight6 and then the upgraded 3 litre naturally aspirated straight6 for 2009 is when bmw really updated this car they change the styling front and rear they added the turbo diesel 335 d engine and of course you can still get this car in the coupe convertible and then there was a wagon body style and then of course for those of you who want the ultimate performance there’s the m3 but that’s a different review i’ve shown you guys at m3 you can see this particular one you can distinguish a 335 i obviously from the badges . Thisparticular one has some blacked out badges the dual exhaust outlets are also part of the 335 i name the 328 eyes will just have this single outlet with the dual and then of course looking at the front you pretty much won’t be able to tell it’s a 335i most of the 3series you find won’t have those hid headlights with .