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Best 10 Mercedes S Class Wallpaper

a peacock because it’s effectively mercedes doing a display to its competitors bmw and out again yeah look at me guys well wonderful look what i’m capable of now in this i’m going to talk you through its exterior design i’m going to show you inside i’m going to try out some of its technology and see how luxurious it is and of course i’m going to take it for a drive now if you’re thinking about buying . Anew car click on the popout banner up there to go to car wow where we can help you decide which car to buy and help save a ton of cash on it as well or if . Youwant to you can just google carway still easy buying a new car then head to car wow and my . Teamwill help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your onestop car buying comparison site let’s start this by talking about the sclasses design because .

It’sall a bit controversial people complaining on the internet going oh my god i hate the look of it to tell you the truth i wasn’t convinced by the rear end of the car when i saw . Picturesof it but here seeing it in person i’ve . Changedmy mind i it check out the detail in these tail lamps look oh it’s so intricate i love that that’s really cool but i do just .

Wantto be sure of one thing wait a . Minutethank god there are real exhaust pipes in here that you do still have an exaggeration of a surround never mind . Let’smove on down the side you see the body panels are very smooth . Lookat this it’s all very .

Smoothapart from this . Onestrong crease which runs underneath the windows this particular car . Isa long wheelbase version in fact nine out of ten s classes sold are long wheel based cars because obviously it’s used as a chauffeur car . I this chrome trim the bottom here looks very . Elegantdid you see that look we have poppy innie and auty door handles be gone just . a tesla. sorry mercedes i these wheels it’s a . Nicedesign you’ve got diamond cuts so you’ve got two tone on them there very very . Elegantbut now we come to the most controversial part of the car the front you see in . Thepast it used to be .

Thecase that the sclass would influence the style of the other . Modelslower down the mercedes range but now it seems that things are going from the bottom up .