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the year in a row we are back at vandenberg air force base because the fine men and women of the united states air force are allowing us to use their pristine 15 000 foot long runway to stage world’s greatest drag race game and celebrate i’ve brought along this lamborghini urducon perchamante a car so powerful it can do the quarter mile in less than 11 seconds and has a top speed of well . Over200 miles an . Houri .


To. Showyou another vehicle it’s going to take in about 16 17 seconds to do the quarter mile but it’s vmax . It’sa lot higher. hey luke how you doing alan thanks for having us and you know i thought i was going to impress you by bringing a honesttogoodness italian supercar with crazy technology this active aerodynamic system but obviously you’ve got me beat what is that so behind you is the delta iv heavy rocket it’s built by united launch alliance they’re one of our launch service providers and we work together here at .

Vandenbergair force base with our mission partners to get their satellites into space so how quick is this thing so this thing . Islooking about mach 10 it’ll cover the entire runway in about a second and might be a little bit faster than this guy right here yeah what about geforce so in other words this car can pull . 1.1gs maybe a little bit more an f1 car four and a half five g’s so delta 4 heavy we’re looking at close to 6 or 7 g’s all right but let’s talk power this guy 631 horsepower and we got a corvette down there 755 horsepower well . Johnnywe got you beat this is 2.2 million pounds of thrust that lift off so that’s about 90 billion horsepower yeah that’s close hey we see rocks . Everyday can we check out a drag race yeah. .

Whilewe won’t be hitting mach 10 this is shaping up to .

Bethe quickest world’s greatest drag . Raceever this year’s impressive lineup includes the honda civic type r the ford mustang gt performance pack .

2audi gtrs. aston martin vantage chevrolet corvette . Zr1porsche gt2 rs. mclaren 720s lamborghini. dodge challenger rt scat back .

1320kia stinger gt since we have our first ever suv in world’s greatest drag race who better to drive it than dirt every day’s fred williams bonus we made fred work on a weekend and he hates drag racing so this is what . We’redoing we line up all these super cars there’s lieberman say hi lieberman there’s jethro tull .