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and so we quit our jobs and this popped up on facebook and it all just kind of fell into place. hey everyone welcome back the today we have the pleasure of meeting dakota and aurora they’re the wisconsinites and we get to take a tour of their really cool van guys thank you so much for joining yeah thanks thanks for wanting to tour it we’re excited yeah i saw it on the side . Ofthe road and i was and i saw .

Thethe sign i looked him up and i was that is some really good content really cool funny entertaining uh little reels that i saw so definitely recommend so yeah so let’s go take a tour of your rig and uh let’s go sounds good all right all right so this is your van it is that’s our beautiful home perfect and what year is it uh it’s a 1989 dodge extra van so it’s a it’s a b series van but uh it was converted by uh explorer oh . Soit .

Wasoriginally an . Rvand now unfortunately they got it but it .

Isnow uh all new in there oh very cool okay . Andthen uh how long have you guys been on the road now uh so i don’t know the exact number of days we had a day counter before but now we’re only at eight months so we’re pretty new to it but we’ve learned a lot in the last eight months and we’ve gotten to meet a ton of awesome people so there’s no plan to go back to a uh the house we had so yeah i love it and uh and just real quick why why did you guys even hit the road what . Wasthe inspiration what what made this happen yeah it’s . Ahard one yeah so we went on a vacation in 2013 it was our first vacation as a couple and we loved it but uh we decided to go to college and we did that route and we worked for three years and then realized um all our vacation time kept getting denied . Andwe just never really got a chance to do . Thingsand so we decided we’re going to do it now or we’re going to do it never and so we quit our jobs and this popped up on facebook and it all just kind of fell into place that is awesome and . Sodid you had you heard of . van dwelling before van van life yeah she was she was really into it already she was .