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z now has a three liter twin turbocharged v6 that makes 400 horsepower and 350 poundfeet of torque we’re in the performance which is the midtrim comes in at just shy of 50 grand at 49.9 there’s . Alsoa . Sporttrim . Whichis the base model that’s under 40 grand at 39.99 and then there’s the proto spec which is limited to 240 units this has a sixspeed manual . Transmissionthere’s no price difference between the automatic or manual and we get a limited slip differential in the rear a clutch type .

Now. Wehave electronic power steering let’s walk you around this new z we’ll show you what it looks inside and out we’ll take it for a drive we’ve also got some track s coming up so we spent some time really hustling this around las vegas motor speedway which was super fun let’s start on . Theoutside this has 19inch alloy wheels these are raised forged wheels they look super sharp on the .

Zwe’re on potenza bridgestone potenza s007s two 75 35 r19s in the rear and two . 5540.r19s in the front pretty meaty setup staggered the base sport model has a square setup 18 inch wheels 245s on all four corners this new z is more aerodynamic there’s much less of a hip line here for the rear haunches and this new z compared to the 370. . Firstyear production is going . Tobe pretty .

Limitedunfortunately just due to supply shortages and global supply chain issues this year similar looking trunk space in the back of this revised suspension increased spring rates damper rates tweaked sway bars i think a really sharp looking car i love the rear end kind of harks back to the z32 300 zx with these tail lights right here with the twin design all the exhaust tips and then from the side profile it’s a bit .

Ofa homage to the 240z similar proportions long hood and then we have this controversial square grill which actually is there for. pure function so three liter twin turbo v6 this is a lot more power than the 370z . Itneeds a lot more cooling and there are a lot of radiators and cooling units in this . Frontend to make sure that . Thez can perform on track and not overheat and uh this provides as much cooling as possible while integrating a crash bar in the middle and some safety sensors otherwise this grille is completely open and allowing for as much airflow into those cooling systems as possible i love the new headlights on this z looks super sharp the drls .

Arekind of uh reminiscent .