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Top 10 Good View Charles Leclerc Ferrari Wallpaper

for he and his family uh to be able to have the no pressure of a race weekend which he’ll have of course as the championship leader in a couple of weeks and just enjoy what has become uh absolutely i mean you talk about boyhood dream i mean to grow up in monaco and dream of oh no i say that i’ve done it i’ve done it i’ve he’s gone off at raskas poor lad goodness me uh . Poorscholar claire has dropped the ferrari we know why though don’t we it’s not his skills it was the it’s the stuff that was down on the floor on the apex of rascal oh and we . Haveseen plenty of drivers in the wall there and that car has been in the wars in . Previousiterations of . Themonaco historic and uh paul paul charles claire has uh dropped the car under breaking and found himself in the wall and bent the rear wing of the ferrari .