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Best 8 Nice Pictures Volkswagen Golf Gti Wallpaper

and i’m with the new volkswagen golf gti and in this i’m going to talk you through all the changes over the normal golf to the exterior design the interior and of course the mechanical and performance upgrades i’m going to . Takeit for a drive see if it’s any fun and i’m going to launch it to see how quick it really is from naught to 60 miles an hour now before we get into all of that please make sure .

You to this and hit the bell icon to turn on notifications . Onthat way you will not miss a single buying a new car then head . Tocar wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one . Stopcar buying comparison site before . Weget into the review let’s talk about money you see this new golf gti starts from just under . Thirtythree and a half thousand pounds but even though it’s brand new you can still save almost two thousand . Poundsoff on through car . Wowand you can see how much you can save . Onthis car .

Orany car for that matter by clicking on the pop out banner up there to get a car wire alternatively after you’ve watched this you can just google help me car wow to go to car wire me and my team will help you choose . The. Rightcar for you and get it for a fair price so what do you get for your extra cash over a normal goal for this gti well in terms of the exterior design . Itdoes stand out because you get a .

Moreaggressive front bumper with this honeycomb effect here you’ve also got the classic gti red striping and it runs all the way across the front of the car into the light speaking of which these lights they’re matrix leds so they’ll blank out part of their beam so they don’t dazzle on coming drivers . Another.

Coolfeature about this is that you actually have an led strip there which also lights . Upthing is though this car’s face it’s almost it’s got a monobrow it sort of reminds me of bert from sesame street here at the side the gti has 18 inch alloy wheels as standard though you can upgrade to some 19s you also get red brake calipers .

Somered gti badging and these side skirts they’re just .

Madeout of cheap rough black plastic though it does actually contrast quite nicely with the white paint work this . Looka bit mean as does the fact that it .