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Top Corvette C6 Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

now and in that amount of time i’ve managed to put over 10 000 miles on it in this i’m gonna go over my experience as an owner of a c6 corvette i’m also going to cover the good . Applause the bad i have a rattle . Overhere that i did not have before that i have now and come to a conclusion on whether i recommend . Owningone yourself starting with the good there is a .

Lotto cover here so i’m only going . Totouch on the main things first is reliability i can happily report that the car hasn’t left me stranded on the side of the road in fact mechanically my c6 corvette hasn’t had a single issue maintenance costs have also been relatively low as far as maintenance it’s had the oil change three times and its transmission oil changed once as well over those 10 000 miles i’ve also replaced the spark plugs and the wires so all said and done the car has cost .

Me. Around500 to maintain and that’s not bad for . Avehicle that’s been put through over 10 000 miles and some . Trackdays next i wanted to touch on the powertrain i can’t stress enough . Howgood the transmission is as some of you may know it’s a tr 6060 transmission in these cars and mine still even has the stock shifter assembly even though . Everything’sstock it still feels precise when you’re going through gears and . Itshifts butter the 6.2 . Literhand dry sump ls3 powering my grand sport also hasn’t missed a beat in fact on the dyno we saw my car put down over 432 horsepower to the wheels with just .

Anintake and headers applause . here is my torque and my power curve here as you can see the power does not taper off so the final horsepower reading for the c6 grand sport was 431.8 wheel horsepower and 403.4 wheel torque even as it sits it regularly steals the souls of coyotes and has even run door to door with cars making much more power than it. wow personally i can’t wait to put a big cam in it and that will be coming very soon . Tothis the . Designand functionality of a corvette can’t be overlooked and i’ve really . Fallenin love with the c6 platform as well it’s aged beautifully over the years and i still believe .

Youcan’t buy a better . Lookingcar for the money it’s also a great road trip car or even a daily driver the hatch has plenty . Ofspace in the rear for luggage it’s also .