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Top 10 Audi Rsq8 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

i would ever say that but they hope that’s just one feather yeah i bet you it will sound freakin insane it’s nice weather right what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by . Outto topping out my name is max and today we are taking a look at the allnew well it’s all new because it took us a while to drive this car but it is fairly recent the audi rs q8 it is basically an. audi rs6 but a higher version or is it a lamborghini .

Rusefor a better price i don’t know maybe both let’s find out today . I’mgoing to show you around . Itshow you the spec we’ve got it in because it’s black every freaking q8 i’ve ever seen and every rs6 of this generation i’ve ever seen so i’ll talk you around it and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the old man to see if we can reach the top speed of spoiler alert 305 kilometers an hour and why do i say spoiler .

Alertbecause .

Thatmeans that we .

Havethe dynamic plus package but before . Webegin don’t forget to and hit the notification barrel to receive updates when . We a new and if you’re part of the almost 80% of our viewers who do watch our s regularly but are not d please consider subscribing because it really helps us out ok so let’s take a look at this car and. let’s start . Byseeing what .

Isrs about. this car because the q8 in general a regular q8 already looks pretty aggressive .

And. Itlooks pretty rse if you ask me . Thers q8 has well it’s hard. to see that now but it has this this bane mosque you know bane from batman it has this bane master that’s this entire part this entire front part is completely black you can . Gofor black or brushed aluminium or carbon fiber but if you. have a silver car with a black mosque it really looks a mosque but it does look cool and aggressive rescue a badge right there all black this car has a black package .

Ofcourse so everything is blacked out it has super aggressive air vents right here massive inlets a lower front splitter for the rs q8 this part to make it look more aggressive of course we’ve got those really cool daytime running lights which are also the indicator lights which run progressively looks really cool and now for these massive wheels. they are absolutely enormous 23 inch as standard you get 22 inch but .