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big turbo bagged v8 audi a4 and no i am not done with it not even close. in early 2020 when we found out we’d be secluded to our homes indefinitely and with car season basically put on hold i decided it was time to . Tryto take a leap and be one of the first to run a boss 500 turbo kit on my . A4and document the journey but little did i know that that journey would be a little bit longer than intended initially i just wanted to run the turbo kit with a better flowing manifold and a better clutch i already had a handful of supporting mods . Sothe idea was let’s go with the stock block as long as the engine’s healthy and we don’t push it too far it should be okay should be well if you’ve been watching the series up until now you know things didn’t exactly go according to plan long story short i lost a rod bearing during tuning no unfortunately you can’t . Justget a tune off the shelf from apr for this setup it has to be custom and i know people think so but tuning did not have anything to do with what happened to the engine it turned out that my engine was pretty unhealthy to begin with and i just didn’t know well . Thatonly meant one thing go big or go home . so to go with the big turbo setup i decided i was finally . Justgonna do it i was gonna do the build that i’ve been wanting to do for the last three years this became a massive and expensive undertaking any .

Partthat could be replaced i replaced any part that could be upgraded i upgraded and in the end i have a fully built audi tfsi engine capable of probably around 600 horsepower not that i’ll get there but it’s capable . Ofit and of course it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows putting this car together for one it was extremely frustrating just watching . Expectedship dates get pushed further and further back from certain european parts distributors if you’re wondering why it took a month to get the last episode out well there’s your reason and even with all the parts delivered some expectedly damaged it was still a long tedious process realizing i had done something wrong and pulling it apart doing it again for example i pulled this engine three times for this build once for the initial rebuild and two more times for small but really critical things that were either an oversight of my part or just . Simplyhad to be fixed so after all this work the unexpected . Hiccupsthe huge expenses the overall frustration was . Itworth it well just take a listen. yes that’s supposed to mean yes it was worth it yeah right now this car is exactly where i wanted it to be it the stock a4 is heavy the boost just dies right away so it’s slow and it . Sounds a tea kettle but this i mean it sounds amazing and it just keeps pulling. it just keeps going this 2867r was a perfect choice for me. and it’s quite obvious that the tuning that united motorsport did for this car is just so good it makes this just such a fun car . That it’s not a race car it’s obviously it’s still the heavy a4 but now it’s fun .

It’s it’s actually fun and it can . Actuallykind of scare me too that probably won’t last for long but for . Nowit’s good. so no i don’t have any horsepower numbers . Justyet i’m teensy bit afraid to . Putit on the dyno but we’ll get there i promise we’ll we’ll get numbers for you at some point but until then please stop asking. . if there’s one thing i learned from this series is that the b8a4 community is quite a bit larger than i .

Hadoriginally thought and really they’re all just waiting to see others push the envelope of these cars me included if you go on youtube and search big turbo a4 one you’ll probably not find anything on a b8 and if you do it’s most ly just going to be a ko4 which is fine but uh .

Nothingto this .

Extentand if you search for b8 a4 engine build well good luck finding anything so hi i will be your guinea pig and of course no . I’mnot the only person to do a big turbo .

Andan engine build on the b8a4 there are several out there already there’s a couple of build threads on the internet that i actually followed along with to kind of help get the car to where it is today but i’d to do what i can to kind of help progress it and grow the v84 performance community so i said at the beginning the no the car isn’t done i’ve gotten a large chunk of the modifications out of the way that i’ve wanted to do on this car for a .

Longtime but there’s still plenty more that i need to do and that i want to . Doi mean .