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Favorite 7 Pictures Nissan Gtr R35 Nismo Wallpaper

gtr nismo mentioning the nurburgring that is the question let me explain why just got kicked in the bottom you see there’s this thing where car has decided that if i mention that race track in germany in any i get kicked in the ass because it’s just a real boring motion journalist geeky fact but you can’t be kicking me in the ass when i’m just setting the scene for the viewer if i mention it again then i .

Don’tget kicked in the bottom it’s gonna be hard to do because when you’re reviewing this car you want to make reference to that place and in this . i’m actually going to talk you around the upgrades that you get with the nismo version of the gtr over the standard car and i’ll tell you what i about it what i don’t about it i am . Ofcourse going to take it for a bit of a who and i’m going to . Timeit over north dakota martinez and . Thefourth standing quarter mile anyway i’m at watson and you’re watching car wow. buying a new car then head to car wow .

Andmy team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your onestop car buying comparison site let’s start this by talking about the price now i hope you’re sitting down because you’re going to need to be you see this nissan costs 180. 000 pounds which is just insane i’m. going to come clean you can get this car on lease . Throughcar wire but there are no savings on it bad luck so instead . Whati’ve done i found an offer on a really good four wheel drive performance car which is way more affordable that i really i’ve got a decent saving on it so what i’ve . Donei’ll put a link to that up there i’m gonna tell you what it is and then leave it for .

Abit of a surprise so click on that link to go check that out alternatively if you want to .

Checkout the latest car offers through car wow after this just simply google help me car wow and my team and i will help you choose the right car for you and get it for a fair price from one of our trusted dealers let’s talk about the design upgrades you get with the nismo version of the gtr over the standard car obviously it’s instantly recognizable as a gtr but then there’s these added bits the most obvious one at the rear is this huge carbon fiber wing look at that .