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you join me today for something very special so i’m here inside the showroom at lamborghini manhattan part of manhattan motorcars here in New. new york city where we’re surrounded by some amazing cars the s of the new hurricane evo we’ve got a hurricane spider rear wheel drive we’ve of course got the aventador s roadster but i come down to see the car that is underneath that cover behind me the lamborghini centenario this is one of only 20 coupes in the world and today i’ve been invited to take that car out for a drive on the sunny streets of new York. york city so i’m going to show you around it of course we will get The. the covers removed in a second and then it’ll be my turn to experience what this is i cannot wait let’s check out then the lamborghini centenario i’m going to be pulling this cover back in just a moment but even when the car is underneath it you can recognize the distinct shape you’ve got this very low elongated front Nose. nose if we come around of course there’s the centenario badging wall on the side up top you can just about make out that roof snorkel As. as well over behind you will notice the Bugatti.

bugatti veyron part of the manhattan motorcars bugatti showroom and also in this building just around the corner they have the porsche dealership as well so we’re going to be taking this off in A