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Top 13 Bentley Mulsanne Wallpaper Good Looking

the luxurious bentley you can buy so you can buy you can’t actually buy it anymore they’ve just stopped production which is really really sad because this thing Is. is just absolutely insanely special i’m going to show you around the interior and explain all of its key features the car i’ve got here costs 290 000 pounds and you’ll see that it is actually worth All.

all that money in Fact.

fact i think this car is even more special than the rollsroyce phantom the monsant is a huge car it’s 5.6 meters long though this one Is. is the extended wheelbase version it’s Actually.

actually 5.8 meters long it’s huge this car has a twotone paint scheme so you got rose gold on top magnetic lower down so they initially spray the whole car with the rose gold the top colour and then a man hand sprays the Bottom.

bottom colour on and You’d. you’d be amazed that this line is perfectly straight yet It’s.

it’s done by a human a human who quite obviously has ocd the more sans wings its doors are made out of aluminium to help keep the weight down though this thing still weighs in over 2.6 tons now most of the body panels Are. are pressed in the normal way but this part is actually done using oldfashioned coach building techniques so a human with a coach builder’s wheel bending the sheet metal by hand to create this glorious shape ah weird you might be thinking that the Flying. flying beam Mascara