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Do you want to know if you’re the type that truly loves a car? Well, if so, you’d better get yourself a supercar and see it for yourself. Nico van der Meulen Architects, a Dutch studio with the help of artist David Furze is showing off a number of their creations, one of which is a stunning Caravan car.

The Caravan Luxury Caravan Carport is located in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s a luxurious structure that gives out a lot to the street, giving the visitors what they’re looking for without having to affix a single turnstile action and distract the traffic. They can also admire the beautiful waters and surrounding landscape from the moment they approach the structure.

The structure is wrapped in many layers, from the metal sheets to the plasticized metal sheets, that ensure the vehicles can be safe and used on certain occasions. Moreover, you can be there just before the cars have been pulled onto the lot. Here you can find the generator, parking, storage rooms, home theater, security system and a whole lot more.

The Caravan luxury trailer has been displayed in Odenang at the Maison&Objet exhibition in Paris this year but there were also several other important and important stops while visiting this amazing place. The luxury trailer was designed by architect Michele De Lucchi and it’s made of over 12 individuallyatures of steel, wood, concrete & glass. It has a very beautiful and simplistic look, and it’s actually quite comfortable to be used in. It’s going to be a great place where you could crash in the middle of nature, enjoying the sunny views and not the usual stress of having to live in a place like New York City. And if you’re interested in the price, go see for yourself.