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Top 10 Nice Pictures Ferrari 458 Wallpaper

a special what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autopinell my name is martin and today tonight i am taking a look at this beautiful ferrari 458 spyder Now. now we have reviewed a 458 coupe in the past if you want to know all Technicalities. technicalities on the 458 go check out that review by hitting the link in the top right corner now this is a spider and in this i’m going to tell you why the spider is better than the coupe or why the Koopa. koopa is better than the spider That.

that will be very different for different people my personal preference is the spider but let me Tell. tell you why first of all this is not the best color i think this is a white one and we got this one from buena vida supercar rental thank you so much for letting us drive and test these cars they have a lot of weddings of course when you marry you want your dream car to Be. be there too and for many people it’s a white ferrari let’s Just.

just have a look at the spec and then we’re going to the ultimate to see how it performs over there first of all we have those beautiful yellow details that really stand out on this white car of Course. course the ferrari shield the logo on the front hip the brake calipers are yellow and these caps are yellow too and we have carbon Ceramic. ceramic brakes that are absolutely gorgeous they are made by brembo for ferrari now these are 20 inch Wheels.

wheels and 2 3 5 section tires now as you can See.

see they are not that wide and that’s because ferrari wants a very sharp and direct front end And. and that’s why they chose a very narrow front tire because The. the wider the tire the less feel you get through it so you really have to find the perfect number the perfect balance between grip and feel for the front tires now on the rear they are much much bigger because these aren’t Two. two three five these are two nine five so that’s a big big Difference. difference and at the rear we have the quintessential 458 exhaust three of them inspired by the ferrari f40 of Course. course a beautiful rear splitter and this car has been loaded with the carbon fiber extras this beautiful panel rear panel all in carbon fiber with the pronging horse in chrome on there really really Beautiful. beautiful we have blacked out exhaust tips and the special thing about the 458 spider is that it got a special exhaust i shouldn’t say special that much Because. because there’s also a 458 speciale which this unfortunately isn’t but if you have One. one let us know and we’ll test it too now with the koopa you get this beautiful glass engine cover through which you can see the 4.5 liter Naturally. naturally aspirated v8 Now. now this is a ferrari masterpiece but We