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Best Porsche 930 Turbo Wallpaper With 8 Pictures

is other than the enchanting lena beautiful or porsche 911 year of manufacture 1988 second hand. the last owner had the thing forever and three days That. that means he also put more money into it and that’s why also so well maintained is seen a g model version turbo that got its own model designation Back. back then namely 39 so this car is known under the designation porsche 39 39 turbo you should now see in the third game or turbo vehicle has run a bit What. what over 120 sees you just don’t look at the car so we cleaned it Up.

up again Inside. inside and out the car looks, as we say here in northern German, it’s been peeled off the egg and by that I mean exactly something that you can yes this is now this is actually from the from the polish that ‘s.

‘s not so cool but you didn’t see that before but you can be sure that we’ll Still. still g emacht it looks perfect because that’s the only defect in the car now you’ll find the next victim was whether the Rims.

rims whether the tires were all right the tires I had on the car were new from 21 of these Yes.

yes and you got them deep bert fuchs rim at the back is still is still lower we have here the front dimensions good the osas lena of 205 205 55. 55 r16 and at the rear we have. a dimension of 45 45