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Best Gtr Wallpaper R34 With 8 Pictures

this gtr week here the canada boys are at garage kogecky look who made it all the canada boys no we’re leaving on thursday thursday nice thursday well welcome to garage kogecky this is it it’s coming along we got a lot left to do but this is the beginning wow it’s amazing thanks dude .

you guys probably saw at Ours. ours day the canada guys are down here for the entire Event. event the entire weekend for the top ranked open house ours day track day and they decided to come stop By.

by the new garage so i’m gonna give you guys a quick walk around of the gtr’s that they Brought.

brought down because they are seriously sick so number one we Have. have Heen’s.

heen’s car he actually has a really really cool spec build this is a fully built rv28 from midori savey now if you guys remember i’m dory savey’s actually where i’m getting a lot of the Work.

work done on my r34 in japan and This. this is really cool because he has a midori built rb 28 with the hks v cam another cool little piece is the strut tower oh there’s somebody else here We. we got another one how many are coming just a gtr take over here so hen’s car is very very sick got the nismo Plenum. plenum right here i said got the v cam it’s so bright out here z tune style front fenders alkaline Brakes. brakes nismo lmgt4 wheels and This