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6 Nice Pictures Porsche 944 Wallpaper Good Looking

direction bergkamen luke adam 924 the suburbans must be coming the 944 a very interesting car appeared at the time i quite well which time clear from 1 80 to 1 90 or built and our model what we look at 944 s2 key data year of. construction 1990 mileage 226,000. kilometers the fourcylinder has 211 hp negotiations start at 7900 euros. the porsche 944 is considered one of the most successful sports cars in the world for 2000 euros There. there are the First. first models on the net for a wellpreserved one You. you can quickly go far advise over 10,000 euros this s2 has not only a top quality full leather interior but also a sunroof to offer cabrio feeling sorry is therefore included painted technically what Do.. do. you say to that what do i discover i don’t discover what after something you won’t discover that it’s just the Rear. rear area here has been marked, an 88 year old lady had fire u And it probably had a bump in the park , and yes, if you look in the light that, you can see it straight away, people, look, this strip here and the bumper are a little fresher in color and are a little lighter and a little stronger full it’s called the two things when I sometimes the trunk lid was painted after it is still original As. as well As. as here also the issue of sealing because the whole 44 report from the time when General