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Best Model S Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

it longer fits but that’s why it stays here but we can lay and david haye and welcome to this new here at jonas and welcome to the everyday test tesla model S.. s. . forgive me for the grin but yes I’m standing for this in los angeles right next to The. the santa monica pier to show you the tesla model s velcro In.

in an everyday test and of course every other here at jonas we start right away with the round up but before that i’ll tell you why i ‘m here and although I. I have not invited kylie from change cars american That.

that i come here lead it collects where it is simply about different electric cars And. and in this context i will show you the model s platt but i will also show you, for example, the areas he 1 t and also the blues if he sees it, be sure to to the if You.

you don’t want to Miss. miss these s and of course all other topics related to electromobility in the usual everyday style when i’m back in germany we’ll take a look at the Vehicle. vehicle here in the round up and although you might Think. think it’s actually on the outside the conventional model s, a lot has really happened . The vehicle is much wider because that’s because although the design has n’t really been touched, so many Points. points on the vehicle have Been. been changed ,