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Favorite Hilux Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

hilux testing toyota high helixes just as durable as top gear says they are did you actually drop one from a building not today We. we don’t find that out but today we find out how is the helix under normal driving conditions with whistle diesel driving it will it really hold up so Today. today we’re just going to see what it’s a Normal. normal day on the farm normal conditions what a normal person Would. would do averagely Just. just feeding characters over the course of 25 years in one day so no crazy tests just averageness here we go .

Okay. okay how can we start this in the most gentlest way possible what’s just a normal Average. average saying a farmer would you know A. a farmer Buys.

buys it mom taking Her. her kids to school what’s the most average little thing that could go wrong though slamming a door slamming a door right right you go home your kid your kid’s . Hey. hey dad they slam your door doesn’t that just grind your door jams we’re gonna slam the door as hard as humanly possible a thousand times Oh.

oh that’s a hard Slam.

slam that was a hard slime that’s gonna that could do some damage do not a thousand times So. so we made it five door slams and the handle doesn’t work you must Have. have knocked the rod off inside yeah that’s all it took are you kidding me i was expecting 600 those are hard slams though yeah The