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Top Red Bugatti Wallpaper With 14 Pictures

out own Bugatti but some guys it’s difficult one thing I’m here in Molsheim and that might bring a bell because I’ve been invited by Boog RC. RC ii o Wrong. wrong way i that was my big reveal and it didn’t work i’ve been invited by bugatti tada to Come.

come and drive there sheer on sport this is where they manufacturer bugatti this is where you actually design your own bugatti when you’re buying one so we’re gonna go through that whole experience make sure to join the supercar blondie family this is where you get to see the coolest most unique cars around the world just Click. click that button Right. right now underneath the and a massive thank you to those Of. of you who already I love you guys so much right we’re gonna go in Right.

right there you can see what we’re gonna be driving today this incredible red and black Sheer. sheer on sport and we have got Andy here he’s their test driver for all their latest cars and he’s gonna take me out today and We. we also have Frank One. one of the lead designers here at Bugatti who’s going to take me through this whole experience you may know Frank From.

from my Devo that I did at the Geneva.

Geneva Motor Show and he got so much Love. love on that we’re Frank We. we need to do another together so we’re gonna go in now and say hi to guys Thank.

thank You