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8 Photos Mazda Mx 5 Miata Wallpaper

talk the mazda mx5 when this the original model came out 25 years ago it immediately saved the small roadster from extinction and went on to Become. become the most successful twoseater sports car of all time but now there’s a new mx5 and i went to humberside to drive it before i do that though time for a quick refresher with The. the original the reason this car was so brilliant is that it’s light it’s small and it’s simple Applause mazda were perfectly open about cribbing all the best bits from 60s mgs and lotus elans and leaving out all the worst bits the recipe wasn’t complicated small engine at the front rear wheel drive and a perfect 50 50 weight Distribution.

distribution they Were. were so obsessed with that last point they even moved the battery to the boot there Isn’t. isn’t a lot on this car but everything that is Is. is done well the gear change short snappy throws from gear to gain a little click as it goes in 25 years on and this Is. is still in the top five alltime great gear changes if there is such a thing god these things were good which means the brand new mx5 has got a lot to live up to a hell of a lot well here it is and on paper the signs are good it’s still usefully Small. small it’s still got an engine at the front and drive to the rear and since prices start at Around