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10 Pictures Toyota Fortuner Wallpaper

the hilux why not turn it into a big old suv that’s kind of what they’ve done here this is the toyota fortuna it is The. the seven seat version of the toyota hilux so it s the same platform with it this right here is the top specification toyota fortuner crusade it’s priced at a little over 61 000 this is a little bit too much the entire range starts at just under 50 000 there’s a couple of options in there this competes with things the mitsubishi pajero sport The. the ford everest and the isuzu mux today we’re going to Do.

do a detailed review of this car if you want to skip out to other parts of this review you can use the time codes up on the screen there or if you’re on youtube just Scroll. scroll down and use the Chapters. chapters below and if you haven’t done so already bell Icon. icon please do those two things so you can Find. find out every single time we drive a big suv right oh let’s start with exterior so You’ve. you’ve got eight exterior colors to choose from and all but white is an additional six hundred dollars the fortuner’s been out for a little bit of time now but they’ve just done a facelift and that was in line with the facelift of the hilux So.

so you can see a few different changes here you’ve got a different grille you’ve also got a different bottom section different Fog