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EVO sound card works and how it can make the recording process easier. EVO 8’s 4in 4out 4 sound interface for intelligent creativity has been designed to capture high quality signal sources Such. such as microphones and instruments, followed by Transfer to a computer, to connect speakers and headphones, perfect when You.

you want to record a new idea, create a beat, or record a podcast. With the EVO 8, we wanted to offer the same smart features And.

and Amazing. amazing quality you would find on An. an EVO 4 sound card, but with An.

an increased number of inputs and outputs for those who need more s. Setting. Setting Up. up the EVO 8.

8 is really easy. Simply connect it to your computer with the supplied USBC cable and install the drivers for Mac or Windows from our website. The sound card is powered by your computer, giving you complete recording flexibility, whether you’re on the go Or.

or away from power. In terms of inputs, there are four inputs on the back of the unit that allow you to connect microphones using XLR cables, or line signals such As.

as drum machines or synthesizers using a Jack cable Connection..

connection. The inputs feature newly designed EVO preamps, which offer a gain range of 58 dB, a very low level of selfnoise, with the ability to use microphones that need a high Level.

level of gain. The whole input can be amplified and even further improved while maintaining a pleasant clear signal. If you want to use a condenser Microphone,