Top 25 Bmw Hd Wallpapers 1080p Amazing Pictures

Doesn’t it have to go on the platform too? Nah, the old 7 Series has to be moved first. And I need a coffee. Hey, you! Hey, whippersnapper! Only cars already in production are allowed on this platform. No toy cars allowed! Hey, Grandpa! Have you been sniffin’ at the gas pump too long? Go away! Here is only room for actual vehicles. How do you even know what a real car is? Your time is over. Excuse me? Of course, you don’t understand. It’s just impossible to talk to your generation. With me, anyone can speak. You can even give me a name. How about “Tamagotchi”? Electric drive yourself to hell, Tamagotchi. It would help if you were unfortunate. I invented iDrive—so many functions in one button. I’m a living legend! But I’m the all-new BMW iDrive.

Smarter, better! -I am the intelligent fusion of senses. -Bullshit. -An emotional connection to the people. -Bullshit! An immersive experience. Marketing bullshit. Excuse me? I know what I’m talking about. I’m an intelligent personal assistant. Do you know what it means? “Intelligent”? I react to voice, gesture and view. And what can you do? I can drive very fast. I provide natural and emotional interaction with a characteristic, attractive visualization. Look! Personal. Efficient. Me. You? Future. Recycling yard. I do not understand. You don’t listen. I have twelve cylinders. Context-awareness. Six-disc CD changer. Curved display. TV function. I curated driver experience. I have much more experience than you. I know everything! I’m always online. I have Internet too.

OMG. Did you die? Please leave me alone. The cars are alive! Excuse me? Where are you? Come back! I didn’t mean it that way. You are a true classic. Without your iDrive, I wouldn’t even exist. And you have to tell me how gasoline tastes. I could learn a lot from you. We used to enjoy having a few liters, too many now and then. Haha ha ha haha. Nothing’s happening. What? But look! Now both of them are on the platform. Someone must have driven them up there. Who? We’re the only ones here. I don’t care. At least we don’t have to do it. But… You know, they were talking to each other. Yeah, of course, they were. You know, sometimes I think about life. What it all means, you know? Well, I don’t.