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a ride down to atlantic city new jersey and take a walk around kerbec corvettes and check out all the c8s that they have in the building so stick around so welcome Back. back to zipity’s garage allow me to introduce myself my name is jeff zippity doodah and allow me to introduce this youtube which is dedicated To. to the fun and games associated with being an automotive enthusiast i said in the Introduction.

introduction today we’re going to take a ride Down. down to atlantic city new jersey take a walk through the kerbec showroom and check out all the c8s that they have in the building down there i’ve already gone down and done the and let me tell you there’s a lot of new color combinations down there as well as the new yellow interior So. so you’re going to want to stick around and check that out a lot of Cool. cool sky gray interiors as well and it was a pretty neat interaction today went down and met a Couple. couple guys that know the a couple folks interacted with me Which. which was pretty cool didn’t get it on camera but it was neat having these guys talk with me and while i Was.

was inside the dealership one of the salesmen came over and said to me hey zippity somebody was in here and we were breaking Your. your stones a little bit i’m what gives they said hey we follow this guy zippity who Does