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10 Good View Infiniti Q50 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

i can’t you how many requests i’ve gotten over the years to film an infiniti q50 red sport and that’s exactly what we’re in today we have a 400 horsepower 3 liter twin turbo v6 that’s made it to a 7speed automatic the one we have today is allwheel drive let’s show you around this Car. car let you know what it’s . to live with What. what it’s been to drive already i’ll just say this thing is Looking.

looking and feeling a bit dated especially next to the allnew acura tlx we Have. have this week but again that’s all good stuff to talk about in this so with this one this infiniti q50 red sport is about 58 dollars as specked with the carbon package and some other things so a little over 60 grand but that’s what you can expect to pay for one of these this does have the performance exhaust on it so you’ll hear a little bit more of a v6 growl from this thing than you would normally this is a premium paint color so that’s a little bit extra looks pretty sharp back seats Look. look pretty nice there’s an interesting greenish tint to the rear windshield kind of strange looking but maybe it helps filter out some uv rays the back seats are unusually high up and i actually have a reasonable amount of headroom but it’s pretty close anyone over 5 foot 10 might be a little bit uncomfortable it is Nice