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Favorite Hellcat Charger Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

in which show you something really nice american that we’ve done a lot lately we’ve driven corvette shelby gt500 driven and the feedback from you was very positive so you can tell there really is a large fan base of people who celebrate such sometimes unreasonable cars and today we made The. the dodge charger srt8 start available from the company etc together with The. the guys from my festival they got us this so that we can show it today and I’m very, very excited and so that you can Get. get an impression Of. of what’s to come we’re going to show you a couple of cool pictures of the car louder questions you really get excited about it you have to say it’s today the red key why Is. is that important there are also black ones if we had less performance you can ge your son ben if you don’t want him to have so much boom under his butt then he only has 500 hp with the red key but here we have seven 117.

117 hp there is a supercharged v8 6.2 liter engine and i think that will be right push it forward correctly the car itself is common as You.

you can see relatively clearly and we also had it shown to drive Has. has a function that you don’t see too often in Germany either, i think at least if we show you right away it’s important maybe to say two thick, really massive exhaust pipes That’s